w h i t n e y h o u s t o n

WHITNEY HOUSTON ================== there was madonna, there was michael jackson, and there was whitney houston.... WHITNEY ELIZABETH "NIPPY" HOUSTON a.k.a. "the voice" recording artist, model, singer, producer, & actress. mezzo-soprano vocals. she was the 1st black female artists whose music videos received heavy rotation on MTV and other music video channels. victim of drug abuse. when I was very young, my mom normally record me singing "I will always love you" w/ a tape-recorder to send it to my father (who happens to be working overseas that time) in a baby-talk dialect. this is my tribute to the "I will always love you" diva, who died a few days ago on February 11, 2012. ref. pic: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lza5m6VhWU1qbs8sno1_500.jpg\ watercolor on a thick drawing paper (c) debi mendez

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