Amy Winehouse has a voice of an ultimate jazz crooner. Compared to the likes of Billie Halliday and 50's all girl band the Ronettes, she has revived the true essence of a diva's soul. Fascinated with her vintage microphone & musical background from her childhood, Winehouse has proved to the world that once again, w/ great music & the power of her voice, she can rule the world. This British artist has won 5 Grammy Awards for her "Back to black" album. Sadly, due to the ups & downs of her personal lovelife, her alchoholism, and excessive drug-abuse, the album has not been followed. She's the latest addition to the "27 club", a group of musicians, as they say, that are cursed by dying at the age of 27. Her signature bee-hived hair, thick flickered eyeliner, retro dresses, & talented voice would remain a statement forever. Without Amy Winehouse, the acceptance of the musical industry for sans-American artists to make way for international recognition will never happen to the likes of Adele, Lady Gaga, Duffy, and many more others. R.I.P. Amy.

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