Makeup by Debi Mendez Bilae
Photography by Holger Schulze of
Hair: Ali Harb
Stylist: Suzy Nasr
Assisted by Katrina Gamonez
Patricia Keller (neutral makeup), Yezenia Navarro (monochromatic pink and arabic makeup), May Fakhry (retro and classic smokey eye makeup), & Suzy Nasr (bronze makeup).

Behind the scenes
BTS photos are taken randomly by me and my assistant Katrina Gamonez, using my Sony RX II cameras. No edit was used, all raw photos uploaded. Other photos are taken from model's mobile phones.

To view the behind-the-scenes pictures, go to
Catalogue photos
Photography by German international photographer, Holger Schulze of Main coverage of the shoot was also done by him and his crew.
Advertisments campaign
Random advertisments were found on model's respective pages, magazines, online, exhibition shows, clippings, and newspapers. Photography by international photographer Holger Schulze and edited by Mohamed El-Khashab
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