Defying Gravity - Quintessential Qatar Magazine April 2013

Quintessential Qatar 3D Defying Gravity
Defying Gravity with fashion. Today's fashion knows no limits, the styles, cuts and colors are more innovative and vibrant than ever before. The choises are many, numerous prints, stripes, fabrics, finishes, embellishments and cuts. Solid colors go a long way in making a statement and neon's have made a comeback as a bold fashion statement. Some of our hot favorite designers in Doha that you should look out for are Etro (United Fashion Company). Today's fashion knows no limits, no gender, and no boundaries: be courageous, defy gravity and create your own fashion statement.
Quintessential Qatar Issue 5
April 2013
Photographed by Odin Arcangel
Assisted by Kenneth Mendez
Photoshoot Director Michael George Escolano
Make-up by Debi Mendez
Haircut by Rami Mohammed
Hairstylists Tameer Al Deeb & Jadovich Hanna of
Al Sagheer Group
Model Manaf Khair
Shot on Location at Rizon Jet
Special Thanks to:
Jennifer Schlicht (Rizon Jet Qatar)
Ms. Dima El CHeikh, Ms. Jessica Hobeiter, Mr. Theo Swart & Mr. Jean Nakhle (UFC)
Mohamed Al Sagheer Group
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