Gary Anthony James Webb
Singer-songwriter (new wave/electronic/dark wave/synthpop/industrial rock/goth rock), musician, producer
He plays the piano, synthesizer, guitar, bass, & drums.
positive atheist and anti-religious
aloof and androgynous
his fans are called "numanoids"
his song, "down in the park" was covered by Marilyn Manson
his wife (a nail technician) was harrassed on the street during the "2011 England Riott" which led him to file papers and officially reside in the U.S.
He was forced to wear makeup in his performance at "Top of the pops" to hide his puffy eyes and acne during the 80's, and that resulted to his distinctive style; while his costumes are inspired by his idols David Bowie & Marc Bolan.
Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails often claimed that Gary Numan is a big inspiration to him and behind N.I.N. music.
oil on paper
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