Filipino rock singer.
Lead singer of P.O.T., ADVENT CALL, and KAPATID.
Older brother of Kevin Roy, Razorback's lead vocalist.
1st cousin of Judd Roy III, one of the defense lawyers of the impeachment trial of the Philippine Chied Justice Renato 
Member of the Tau Gamma Phi.
Fully tattooed.
Certified pierced.
Spiritually an artist...
..with a heart of nationalism and peace.
Victim of multiple strokes.
Died of Cardiac arrest at March 13, 2012.
Photo of Karl Roy is photographed by Grace "Brutal Grace" Guino
Ref. pic:
Ink, real coffee, and gouche on acrylic paper.
"R.I.P. kapatid Karl Roy. Filipino rock music won't be the same without you. Thank you for the inspiration."

(c) Debi Mendez

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