Keith "MINA" Caputo.
Lead vocals & founding member of NY heavy metal band "Life of Agony" with band members guitarist Joey Z, bassist Alan 
Robert, & drummer Sal Abruscato (Type O Negative drummer as well) under Roadrunner records.
A solo multi-musician artist (solo album work: Died Laughing Pure (2000) (acoustic versions), Perfect Little Monsters 
(2003), Heart's Blood On Your Dawn (2006), A Fondness For Hometown Scars (2008), & Cheat (EP) (2009).
A painter.
Caputo participated as a guest singer on Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation's track "What Have You Done", the 
first single (and second track) from their 2007 album, The Heart of Everything.He also provided additional backing vocals on 
Type O Negative's release "Bloody Kisses".
In 2011, Caputo has announced his sexual transition from male to female (but intends to keep what's below there).He is 
"Mina" now & often uses "her". 
(I hope you like it, Mina!! See you soon!! xox!) 

ref. pic:
acrylic on paper

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