Richey Edwards
Richey James Edwards.
Richey Manic.
Manic Street Preacher's rhythm guitarist and lyricist.
Member of "the 27 club".
His death is not resolved but, people had high hopes of finding him.
He disappeared in Feb. 1, 1995. His disappearance has caused phenomenon in the 90's where in people had false claims of 
seeing him, or doppelganger-ed him.
For years he was searched, but not to be found.
Officially presumed dead in 2008.
Wrote most of the lyrics in "The holy bible" album of Manic Street Preachers. His writings consists of suicidal elements, 
beauty, darkness, pain, and sadness. But him, himself alone does not want to die in suicidal tendencies. His death remains 
questioned & un-resolved.

ref. pic:
watercolor on paper

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